Zero Calorie Foods

Beth Asaff
Drinking Water and Weight Loss
Water the true zero-calorie food.

Few foods that occur naturally have zero calories. However, food companies have engineered some products to have zero calories, and many people believe that other foods actually create a calorie deficit when your body gets done digesting them.

Truly Zero-Calorie Foods

The only truly zero-calorie foods are water and diet soda. Water is the only true zero-calorie food that occurs naturally.

Water and Dieting

Dieticians recommend eight 12-ounce servings of water every day as a healthy part of any diet. Water also has an added benefit when you're trying to diet to lose weight: it helps fill you up. You can freeze water into ice and crush or shave it in order to add a different, zero-calorie texture to your diet.

Dieting with Diet Soda

Diet soda pop is available in zero-calorie versions. It comes in name brands and generics and is typically sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Quite a bit of debate surrounds these beverages and whether they are healthy additions to your diet because of the artificial sweetener. Experts offer conflicting claims that artificial sweeteners cause health problems or contribute to obesity, and some studies show that diet soda may actually contribute to weight gain.

Moderation is Key

Dieting can be a difficult task, and eating wisely does not include starving yourself or falling for gimmicks like zero-calorie foods. Eating in moderation, whether the food is on the zero-calorie list or not, is a key part of losing weight.

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Zero Calorie Foods