Weight Loss Cream

Can a cream help you shed pounds?

Weight loss creams seem like the perfect cure for those extra five or ten pounds that won't budge, right? Read on to find out more about how they're supposed to work, why they may or may not be all that you hope for, and what others think about products on the market today.

The Idea Behind Weight Loss Creams

It's hard to believe that a cream you apply topically can cause weight loss or even destroy cellulite, but some people do think that it can-and does-really happen. Some creams are meant to burn the fat right off, while others (like those that include the cactus, Hoodia), are supposed to decrease your appetite. The decreased appetite in turn shrinks your stomach, and help to maintain the results you get.

In addition to weight loss, some of these topical weight loss applications are designed to get rid of cellulite. Others are intended to give you an energy boost so that you will feel motivated to move around more and burn more calories.

Is it perfection in a tube? Maybe. But definitely not a miracle.

How Do They Work?

Ah, the most important question of them all: Do weight loss lotions and potions work? That question is quickly followed by a, "Well, which one is the best?" Sadly, the results depend on the user, so we can't say, "Yes, they definitely work!" or tell you the one winner that works best. It depends on your body.

We can, however, give you the theories behind a few of the big names in weight loss creams and let you decide which one sounds best for you.


SlimCream relies on Hoodia for its weight loss effects. Hoodia is all the rage in the diet community anyway, and some versions can be taken orally as well. The claim is that you'll lose weight with no side effects, stimulants, or diets. Hoodia is an appetite suppressant no matter how you take it. The way this cream works is by reducing your appetite, which in turn will shrink the size of your stomach. Since your stomach will be at its normal size, your appetite will remain lessened after the cream runs out because there will be less space to fill up to feel full.

So do weight loss creams work? Most people say no, that the only way to lose weight is thorugh diet, exercise, and drinking lots of water.

Still others say that they do, in fact, work. They're not going to give you a sculpted appearance overnight but you can see some results. Check out the March 31st entry on Simple-Weightloss.com for one man's experience with a cream meant to get rid of fat.


E-zine Articles has a piece discussing the merit of a cream that was initially intended for asthmatics. The experiment wasn't perfect due to the way testing was done (it was only applied around the waist, for example), but it may be worth checking out. It's also supposed to get rid of cellulite.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line? To tone your bottom (and anything else that needs it), you'll need more than cream. You'll still need to cut calories and exercise. Drinking a healthy amount of water wouldn't hurt, either.

That being said, to know if you'll get results from creams designed to help you lose weight, you'll have to try them. Every body is different. What works for one may not work for another.

So do creams work? Perhaps. But you'll never know until you try.

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Weight Loss Cream