Dieting Myths

Myth 1: Cardio is the paramount.

According to fitness expert Tom Gilliam, to successfully diet, you must first debunk the dieting myths you've read or received in the form of advice. He addresses these and other myths in his book Move It Lose It Live Healthy. For example, is weight loss all about cardio exercise? And is salad the healthiest choice? Take a look at this slideshow to see how many of these myths you've believed in the past or still hold onto today.
You need to add equal amounts of strength training to your exercise plan, because muscle burns more calories than fat in a process called protein metabolism.

Myth 2: Salads the best choice

Salads are full of healthy nutrients, but whether or not it stays healthy depends on what else you top it with because cheese, croutons, and salad dressings can be loaded with calories.

Myth 3: Vegetarian is always healthy

Often vegetarian options in restaurants use flavor enhancers like mayonnaise, cheese, and dressings, causing the calorie count to soar.

Myth 4: Reduced fat means low fat

While an item may have less fat than its original counterpart, it may still contain more fat than you need to consume.

Myth 5: Fresh is better than frozen

Fresh fruits and vegetables can lose some of their nutritional value during shipping while flash freezing maintains nutritional value.

Myth 6: All fat is bad

Healthy fats provide important nutrition that it needs to function properly.

Myth 7: Exercise & sports drinks

Unless you're exercising in extreme conditions or for an extended period of time, water is better.

Myth 8: Work out as much as possible

Too much exercise can cause excess wear and tear on your tendons and joints.

Myth 9: Stretch before exercise

Stretching before a workout does not actually increase our range of motion.

Myth 10: Weight shows what works

A tape measure can tell you what kind of progress you are making and sometimes be a better indicator than the scale.

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Dieting Myths