Janet Jackson Weight Loss

Janet Jackson

Whether you know her as the sweet, somewhat plump younger sister of Michael Jackson or the slim, sexy diva of today, Janet Jackson and her weight loss has been a hot topic around the media. How did she lose her weight, and so quickly at that?

Who Is She?

In case you are not into entertainment news, Janet Jackson is a popular female pop and R&B singer since the 1980's. She is the youngest of nine children, five of whom formed the Jackson Five at very young ages. Born in 1966, Janet Jackson became a top performer with her breakthrough album in 1986 titled Control. Since then she has continued to record a slew of multi-platinum albums. Some of her most popular songs include What Have You Done For Me Lately, When I Think of You, Let's Wait Awhile, and Rhythm Nation.

Jackson's Weight Story

Stress, depression, and an eating disorder have all been reported as causes of Janet Jackson's weight gain. When reviewing photos of her through the years, it is evident that her weight and body shape have fluctuated over the years. However, her latest weight gain, reported at more than 60 pounds, made headlines. Many life situations, such as a divorce, family issues (recall the Michael Jackson trial), hardcore work ethic, and pressure to present a certain image can inevitably be sources of her weight gain. However, no matter what lies behind the behavior, it was Janet Jackson's over consumption of food, and resulting increased calorie intake, and lack of calorie expenditure that put her at the tippity-top of the scale.

Janet Goes to Work

Janet Jackson's weight loss became an interesting topic of entertainment news because of the rapid rate at which the pounds disappeared. It seemed like she became slim and petite overnight, sporting the skimpiest of clothes on her small frame once again. Indeed, losing at an average rate of four pounds per week is twice the amount that is recommended to be safe and healthy. However, it was the intense focus on two key components that allowed for her weight loss: healthy, balanced eating and physical activity.

Food Overhaul

Janet Jackson cut calories. And, while she did not do the counting of calories herself, she followed the plan of action accordingly to give her body the perfect amount of food to support her current status, yet allow for the deficit in calories necessary for weight loss. Okay, so not everyone has a personal chef creating masterpieces that contain the perfect amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats for them like Janet most certainly employed. However, an important lesson can be learned through her new eating habits.

Determining appropriate food intake does not take a chef. Rather, there are many sources of information available that can do the work for you.

Activity Plan

The weight loss that Janet Jackson achieved had as much to do with good eating habits as it did with physical activity. She has been quoted as having a personal trainer whom she worked with every day. Her workout routine was a mix of strength training/toning and cardiovascular exercise. She worked her legs, upper body and abdominals at least twice a week and engaged in kickboxing, running, basketball and jumping rope at least five days a week. Additionally, there is a good chance that she continues to be physically active to keep the weight off for good.

Lessons from Janet Jackson

While good nutrition and physical activity were critical components to Janet's weight loss, it cannot be understated that her intense motivation to lose the weight carried her through each meal, each craving for more, each workout, each day of resistance, and each nudge of the scale. No chef, trainer, or nutritionist can do that work for anyone. It is a personal quest toward a goal. And, with any goal you wish to reach, it is this motivation, determination, and persistence that gets that goal in our hands. In conclusion, whether you need Jenny Craig or eDiets to get your portions and calories in check, find your motivation to reach the bigger goal and keep it close to your heart and mind. With these tools, you can succeed just like a superstar.

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Janet Jackson Weight Loss