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You may not realize it, but guys on a diet are at a tremendous disadvantage if they seek support from the world at large. Most weight loss aids and programs are directed toward women. Many fitness centers are beginning to cater to females only, as more and more franchises such as Curves and Shapes are popping up in both large cities and smaller towns throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Even many YMCA's have female-only times or gyms strictly for women's use.

It's a Woman's World

Nearly two thirds of Americans (133.6 million) are considered overweight or obese. In that two thirds, 68.3 million men are included. However, men struggling to lose weight find themselves in Weight Watcher's groups predominately consisting of women. Men who begin to watch their diets get tips geared toward women. Unless under the direct care of a physician, many weight loss programs are designed and marketed toward women, which can make a man feel very out of place.

Despite various weight loss programs such as Nutri-System and Biggest Loser, many programs still cater directly to women. Think: Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig programs. Their commercials and marketing typically only show examples of women and their successes. Their headquarters are femininely decorated, and their representatives are typically female.

Change in Direction

However, in the past couple of years, it's been recognized that there are a significant number of guys on a diet, as well. NutriSystem has begun to market to men with star athletes as its spokespeople and successful participants. There are many products on the market now to increase muscle mass and decrease fat, specially designed for a man's body. There is a definite trend to include men in the weight loss field. And, this has been prompted by the statistics of the ever-growing percentage of obesity in the US by both men and women.

Guys on a Diet

Another advance on the front for men's weight loss efforts is a forum created by Weight Watchers entitled "Guys on a Diet." It's recognized that men have fewer places to go for support than women do. It's not culturally considered "masculine" to be dieting. However, a large percentage of men who are on a diet. They know, better than anyone else, the issues, concerns and difficulties experienced by other men. They are each other's best sources of support, encouragement and advice.

The forum includes various threads from recipes, to workout habits to emotional concerns. This is a place where men can go to speak freely about their efforts. Guys on a diet can find support here that they can't find among support groups that include women. They don't have to worry about what anyone will think of them. They aren't concerned with sounding wimpy or whiny. They can communicate freely with other men battling with weight and who can sympathize with them.

Guys on a Diet has its own link and has active posters. There are a couple of other companion sites for men who are a part of this forum, as well.

It's Manly to Lose Weight

Despite the fact that it's not "manly" to be concerned with your figure and your weight, it's quite a feat to be able to conquer the battle of the bulge, whether you're a man or a woman. The Guys on a Diet forum enables and empowers men who are working to trim their waistlines just as the forums and support groups do for women. It is a community made up of men focused on losing weight and becoming healthier in the long term.

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Guys on a Diet