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Two Healthy Fast Food Diets

The Fast Food Diet book
Lose weight even if you're busy

One of the most well known of the fast food diets is the Subway Diet which was made popular by a man named Jared Fogle. Equipped with Subway's nutritional information, he lost 245 pounds in one year. Since then he had been dubbed the Subway Guy. This is just one of a vareity of fast food diets and even in this case there is more to the story.

Fast Food Diets

The question that first comes to mind when you hear fast foods and diet in the same title is whether or not the diet is healthy. Fast foods are notorious for being unhealthy, filled with fat, salt and empty calories. When it comes to diets based on fast food, approach such a diet equipped with nutritional information. The following two diets are considered healthy by many:

Subway Diet

Jared Fogle was a motivational speaker who inspired others to lose weight. He started his diet in 1998 when he weighed 425 and had a 60 inch waist. His weight loss diet consisted of:

  • Breakfast: Cup of coffee
  • Lunch: 6-inch turkey sub (no mayo, oil or cheese), baked chips, and a Diet Coke
  • Dinner: 12-inch Subway veggie sub (still no oil, mayo or cheese) with a Diet Coke.

In the first three months he last 94 pounds and started walking. In less than a year, he had lost 245 pounds. This diet amounts to about 1500 calories a day which will cause steady weight loss for most men.

The Fast Food Diet

Dr. Stephen Sinatra authored the book The Fast Food Diet, which takes a healthy approach to fast foods. If you are an on-the-go kind of person who eats out often, this might just be a weight loss plan that can work for you. The premise of the diet is to learn how to make the best choices from fast food menus and to add exercise into your daily routine. The book offers support and information to equip you to know what to buy whether you're at a restaurant, food court, airport or convenience store.

Dr. Sinatra admits he would prefer people eat a healthy balanced diet including fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy, but he also realizes this doesn't work for everyone. He has designed this diet for people who love fast food and need to lose weight. It eliminates fried foods and sugary drinks from your options and encourages foods like grilled chicken sandwiches, junior burgers, chili, baked potatoes and more.

This diet is more than a list of dos and don'ts. It teaches dieters how to make healthier fast food substitutions, how to reduce fat intake, and, of course, how to reduce calorie intake. In general, the diet is a 1500 calorie diet plan that includes walking a mile each day.

Fast Food and Your Diet

Fast food is readily available and dieters often find themselves faced with fast food menus for lunch or dinner. Can fast food fit into your diet? That, of course, depends on the diet you're following. However, fast food can be eaten without totally derailing your diet. Equip yourself with fast food nutritional information and follow a few tips to help make the right choice when it comes to fast food:

  • Eat fast food occasionally rather than daily
  • Choose smaller portions: Order the smallest sandwich available, if you plan to eat fries, buy the smallest order available
  • Order a healthy side dish such as a small salad (this is a better choice than fries), however, pay attention to the salad dressing you add. Some dressing are so full of fat that you might as well order french fries.
  • Consider a large salad with grilled chicken and a low-fat dressing.
  • Choose grilled over fried.
  • Drink water. Many people don't drink enough water. It's the best beverage to drink with your fast food meal. Zero calories and it's good for you. If you want to treat yourself to something other than water, consider unsweetened tea or diet soda.

Choose Wisely

It is possible to make healthier choices even at fast food restaurants. Diets like the Subway Diet and the Fast Food Diet help people learn how to make wiser menu choices, how to cut back on portions and encourage regular exercise.

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Two Healthy Fast Food Diets