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Over the past few years, the detox diet has gained popularity. This dieting concept is rooted in the belief that the modern diet contains preservatives and other food additives, such as antibiotics in chicken, in such large quantities that people need to detoxify their systems to get rid of these chemicals.

These diets vary in duration and requirements, but on the whole, they are a difficult - and sometimes painful - adjustment to modern stomachs. Many people experience severe headaches, abdominal cramps and even diarrhea during a detox diet. Because of this difficulty, many detox fasting resorts have come into existence to aid those going through a dietary detox plan.

Why Use a Resort

Resorts for detoxification work because people's daily lives are too busy to carry out a week-long detox program. In fact, it is this busy modern life that leads people to eating highly processed foods in the first place. The resort allows the patient to relax. There are no errands to run and no laundry is waiting. The patient is able to focus on his or her diet without any other distractions. For many people, these resorts offer a way to jump start diet and fitness plans.

Resorts in the United States

Detoxing is becoming more popular in the United States, but most of the retreats exist outside the U.S. There are some domestic options, though, for people who do not want to fly to Thailand, the most popular country for these resorts.

Birchcreek Resort

The Birchcreek Resort in New York is just the place to go if you want to learn how to eat well for the rest of your life. This detox fasting resort puts patients on a steady diet of fruits and vegetables. Without any toxins, the body is able to begin to restore itself. The Birchcreek Resort program is based on detoxing patients while teaching them how to maintain this lifestyle at home.

We Care Spa

Far more than just a spa, the We Care Spa in California offers an interesting take on the detox diet. We Care uses an all-liquid diet, as well as giving their patients a large number of supplements, including acidophilus and barley, along with freshly-squeezed vegetable juices to restart the digestive system.

Detox Fasting Resorts Around the World

Health Oasis

The Health Oasis in Thailand is one of the most popular of these resort locations. This resort area features a standard eight-day cleanse which includes drinking large amounts of tea and doing yoga and spiritual activities throughout the day. They also feature weight-loss detox programs. These programs rely on the idea that the toxins built up in the modern body inhibit weight loss.

Ashtar Wellness Center

The Ashtar Wellness Center in Bali features a detox program under more luxurious accommodations. The Bali program allows detox patients to live among beautiful landscapes and views of mountains during a week-long journey to wellness. The program consists of yoga and other meditation practices twice daily and includes supplements, such as psyllium and bentonite. Patients do not eat solid foods, and their lymph nodes are drained each day to get rid of toxins.

When You Get Home

Some in the medical community question such resorts because they focus on an intense period of time with food deprivation. The best detox resorts will help the patient understand how food in everyday life is important and how to eat properly to maintain good health, and even weight loss, when the retreat is over.

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