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Article Highlight: Low-Calorie Vegetarian Recipes

You may think all vegetarian recipes are low in calories. While this may be true for most recipes centered on vegetables, the use of oils, nuts, seeds, cheeses and other dairy products can increase the calories… Keep reading »

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Welcome to Vegetarian Diet where you'll find a wealth of information related to vegetarian diets. In this category, you will learn about the basics of a plant-based diet, as well as the difference between vegan and lacto-ovo type vegetarian choices. If you ever wondered about the appropriateness of eggs and dairy products in a vegetarian eating plan, you will get your answers here. Similarly, we make it a priority to impart the necessary information for achieving balanced nutrition while embracing vegetarianism.

Meal planning to meet the needs of a vegetarian diet may seem overwhelming if you are new to its concept. However, we make it easy for you by offering great recipes to incorporate into your meal planning. You will discover how cooking vegetarian recipes can be simple and fun. A good place to begin your journey is with our collection of Easy Vegetarian Recipes. Whether you are a new vegetarian or a seasoned vegetarian, the recipes for sushi, lasagna, cookies, and desserts in this category are bound to become some of your favorites. We also offer you low-calorie and low-fat vegetarian recipes.

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Vegetarian Diet