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The Mediterranean diet has its origins in the 16 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. While many of the cultures that produce recipes from this region have difficult or time intensive food preparation,… Keep reading »

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The Mediterranean lifestyle has become a popular approach for other cultures to replicate, at least when it comes to dieting. There is much to learn from the rather lavish Mediterranean Diet, which not only offers a blend of exotic flavors but health benefits as well.

Mediterranean Way of Eating

Visit LoveToKnow Diet for historical facts about the Mediterranean Diet, including its Greek and Italian backgrounds, as well as an overview of the diet's basics to help you determine if it is for you. After all, choosing a diet is no easy task in today's flooded diet environment. Information about what makes this diet healthy and effective, as well as why it works is presented in an easy-to-understand language in this category.

Delicious Recipes

Be sure to check out the delicious recipes that incorporate the basic Mediterranean foods, which includes plenty of fish, whole grains, and fresh produce. Red wine, by the way, is the beverage of choice due to its proven health benefits.

Lifestyle Changes

Introducing the Mediterranean way of eating into your daily meals is made easy with the information provided in these articles. Although there is no one particular "Mediterranean Diet" to follow, the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and the Sonoma Diet, will guide you appropriately.

Mediterranean Diet