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The Mediterranean diet has its origins in the 16 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. While many of the cultures that produce recipes from this region have difficult or time intensive food preparation,… Keep reading »

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The Mediterranean Diet is more than just a list of foods; it's a lifestyle change. You've come to the right place to learn about the basics of the Mediterranean Diet, as well as the history of this lifestyle. From there, you can delve into LoveToKnow's many delicious recipes and tips. Being on this great diet has never been easier!

Understand How the Diet Works

Start by learning how to integrate the Mediterranean Diet into your life, including cleaning out your kitchen, heading to the grocery store, and making a few simple lifestyle changes. You'll be getting rid of processed foods and replacing them with delicious options like you'd find in the Mediteranean. It helps to start with a recommended food list. On it, you'll find tempting options like fish, olives, wine, and more. Then bring in some recipes to get you started.

Real Mediterranean Diet Recipes From the Experts

LoveToKnow writers are also experts, which means the recipes you find here will be nutritious as well as tasty. What's more, they will fit within the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet. Consider some of these amazing options, and make a Mediterranean Diet menu that works for you.

  • Mediterranean Diet appetizers: Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy a delicious appetizer. Try these recipes for tzatziki sauce and white bean dip.
  • Soup recipes for the Mediterranean Diet: Warm up a chilly day with some comforting soups that are nutritious too. Try red bean lentil soup and other amazing options.
  • Mediterranean Diet salads: Want something light and fresh for a summer meal or starter? Check out these incredible salad recipes, including garbanzo bean and tomato salad.
  • Main Course Recipes for the Mediterranean Diet: Move on to the main course with amazing Mediterranean chicken stew, bow tie pasta, and more. You'll find these options filling and easy to prepare.
  • Mediterranean Diet desserts: You don't have to skip dessert on the diet. The key is choosing a recipe that fits the guidelines. Try baked apples, honey almond peaches, and other delicious fruit-based options.

Make the Diet Easier and More Delicious

No matter how you choose to follow the Mediterranean Diet, it helps to have a resource for tasty recipes, meal plans, and tips. LoveToKnow makes being on this diet easier and more delicious, so stop back often to see what's new. From food lists to supportive tips, this is information your can trust.

Mediterranean Diet