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Article Highlight: Gastric Sleeve Diet

A gastric sleeve is a type of bariatric surgery individuals undergo for weight loss. This procedure requires post-surgical dietary changes. If undergoing a procedure such as a gastric sleeve, a registered dietitian… Keep reading »

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Not everyone is motivated to change their eating habits for the same reasons. Many people diet to attain a slimmer appearance, but other times health risks and concerns inspire people to make lifestyle dietary changes for better health. The articles within LoveToKnow Diet have the information you need to change your eating habits to best optimize your health.


If you've been newly diagnosed with a health condition, or you're searching for ways to help improve your health, LoveToKnow Diet provides the information you're looking for. Learn the ins and outs of how diet can help with things like:

  • Weight Loss: If you have a condition like low thyroid, or you've recently undergone a gastric bypass, learn how to best lose weight.
  • Special Diets: Sometimes a doctor will put you on a special diet that you aren't quite sure how to follow. Get the advice you need to follow special diets like low sodium or a diet following gallbladder surgery.
  • Special Conditions: Some health problems may require you to change your diet. Learn the best way to eat if you've been diagnosed with anything from Crohn's Disease to gout.

Foods to Eat

If you're embarking on a new diet for your health, you may wonder about the best foods to eat. The writers and editors at LoveToKnow Diet have you covered with things like:

  • Meal Plans: Get meal plans for conditions such as insulin resistance or fatty liver you can easily follow to help your diet journey.
  • Food Lists: Sometimes a list of foods you can eat is the most helpful tool you can have on a new diet. Get food lists for things like diuretic foods or high carbohydrate foods.
  • Recipes: Find recipes for things like alkaline foods and get the most out of your new meal plan.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

Food and diet can have a significant impact on various health conditions. Speak to your physician and get the information you need to help change your diet to meet your needs and help transform your entire life.

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