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Article Highlight: What Is the HCG Diet Plan?

The hCG diet requires dangerously low calories daily in addition to the intake of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin), a hormone produced by women during pregnancy. While it's true that 500 calories a day will… Keep reading »

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With so many diet plans to choose from, picking one can be really difficult. After all, how will you know which program is right for you? Medical researchers have performed studies on a vast array of diet plans, and evidence suggest that there are various types of plans that are healthy and effective if you stick with them. The best diet program, then, may be the one you are most likely to follow because it contains food you love, provides results, and keeps you feeling healthy and energetic. LoveToKnow Diet can help you sort it all out.

Finding the Right Diet for You

How do you know if a diet is right for you? The best way to discover your ideal diet is to perform your own research by reading articles from topic experts without a diet to sell. LoveToKnow diet offers independent information about many diet programs including the following:

Too Good to Be True?

Some diet plans sound too good to be true, and sometime they are. The key to spotting these fad diets is to do your homework. Why not check out information about diets like the Acai Berry Diet or the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet and discover whether there is a scientific basis for the claims?


Every diet may not be safe for every person. Most articles also share the risks associated with each type of diet, helping you to determine whether a certain diet may be detrimental to your health, as well as the risks associated with the plans.

Trusted Information

Sometimes, it can be difficult to sort through all of the available information on the Internet. With so many people selling their approach, finding independent, unbiased information becomes a chore. Fortunately, LoveToKnow Diet features articles from independent experts who have thoroughly researched the diet plans, read study results, and have an understanding of how nutrition affects health. When necessary, medical experts have fact checked articles to ensure their accuracy.

Your Personal Diet Guide

Let LoveToKnow Diet serve as your own personal guide to diet plans. With information you can trust and the motivation help you need to succeed, you'll soon be on your way to a healthier you.

Diet Plans and Programs