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Want to shed pounds using the Atkins diet and need a food list for each of the four phases? You may associate this weight loss plan with being very restrictive but might be surprised to find out you can indulge… Keep reading »

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The Atkins Diet has maintained popularity since 1972 when Dr. Robert Atkins first published Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution. Twenty years later, following the success of the initial book, Dr. Atkins published Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution in 1992. Since that time, many low-carbohydrate diets have patterned themselves on the principles in the Atkins Diet, and dieters anecdotally report tremendous successes following the diet.

The Information You Need

LoveToKnow Diet provides information to help you determine if the Atkins diet is right for you. With a comprehensive list of articles, you will discover the following essentials:

  • The basics of the Atkins diet
  • Breakdowns of each of the diet's phases
  • What current research says about the safety and efficacy of the diet
  • How to implement Atkins into your daily life
  • Where to find more information
  • An overview of the most popular Atkins diet books

Delicious Recipes

Loving the food you eat is one of the best ways to stick to a diet. To that end, LoveToKnow Diet also shares valuable recipes to help keep variety in your day-to-day eating. The recipes are written according to the Atkins phases, ensuring you follow the program as intended. For example, check out the phase 2 recipe for Spiced Pork with Garlic Greens, the phase 3 recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake, or the phase 4 recipe for Mexican Strata. With carefully designed recipes, you're sure to enjoy the delicious foods available on the Atkins diet.

A Source You Can Trust

Here, you will find unbiased reporting about the Atkins diet. LoveToKnow's writers research the topic thoroughly, and articles are reviewed and approved by experts. Discover what current studies say about the Atkins diet, and explore anecdotal evidence. You will also learn what health experts feel to be the risks associated with the Atkins diet, as well as finding contraindications that may preclude certain people from following the diet.

Ready to Get Started?

If the Atkins diet sounds like it might be the right one for you, start exploring LoveToKnow Diet's articles about the plan. The sooner you start, the more quickly you will begin losing weight.

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