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How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Exercise to Boost Metabolism

With so much emphasis on physical fitness these days, people are eager to find ways to boost metabolism naturally. While there is no quick fix for shedding excess weight and gaining an athletic appearance, you can boost your body's calorie burning ability naturally with these tricks.

How to Boost Metabolism Naturally

If you have purchased the latest fitness equipment, become a member of a modern gym, counted carbohydrates, calories and gone weeks without ice cream to no avail, you are probably looking for an easier way. While losing weight is no easy task, ponder the hundreds of Hollywood icons who, with private chiefs and personal trainers, have ridden the diet roller coaster. You can increase the odds of successfully battling the bulge and winning with an active metabolism. So how do you get your metabolism to speed up, burn more and stay lively? The first rule of the day is breakfast.

Eat Breakfast to Burn Calories

Forgoing the fried egg and toast is not doing your diet any favors. When you skip breakfast, you prevent your metabolism from waking up. Just as a hot cup of coffee is a great morning pick-me-up, a healthy breakfast is a wake-up call for your metabolism, giving your body fuel to burn and calories to keep it churning. Just be sure you are eating sensibly. A healthy breakfast does not have to consist of you, an apron and hours in the kitchen. You can whip up something great, grab something on-the-go, or slave over a hot stove if you'd like. A good breakfast can come in a box (a high fiber, low sugar cereal), or a bag (a whole grain bagel). Whatever your preference, start with what you like in several food groups and go from there. Fruit, dairy and grains are a great start.

Eat Small Meals for a Speedy Metabolism

Eating smaller meals, more often is the key to a quicker metabolism. Keeping a steady source of energy will keep you feeling your best while your body burns calories consistently. You will also keep your blood sugar from plummeting, which can trigger a binge.

Consume Enough Calories

Eating too few calories may seem like the ideal way to take off weight before the wedding or even the weekend, but this technique is unsafe and ineffective. Starving yourself may allow you to shed a few pounds fast, however, most of the weight you will lose is water, which will climb back quickly when your resume eating regularly. While the correct amount of calories to consume while dieting varies, based on your lifestyle, size and age, you should never eat fewer than 1,000 calories daily, as your metabolism could actually slow down.


Exercise is a dreadful word for most dieters. However, achieving a faster metabolism is much easier with an aerobic routine. For those who feel they cannot possibly make time to tone up, try something light, such as a brisk walk in the morning. You'll feel energized all day and burn the most calories by raising your metabolism for the day.

Water for Weight Loss

Drinking lots of water is not just an excellent way to stay hydrated. Healthy doses of H20 flush toxins from the body and boost your metabolism as your body expends energy to process the fluids. Research proves the consumption of water can raise the rate at which the body burns calories by 30 percent, with results lasting for more than 30 minutes.

Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss

In the past, herbal remedies have been deemed dangerous, due to heart complications occurring with ephedra and other hazardous stimulants. Some herbal remedies are safe, however, and may even be effective for boosting you metabolism and accelerating weight loss. Herbs that increase energy may be beneficial for fatigued dieters. Ginseng is a widely used herb for energy and weight loss.


While the road to weight loss seems more like a trek up a mountain, you can boost your metabolism naturally, making the journey less complex.

How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally