Belly Fat Workout

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If you're battling the bulge at your mid-section, you may be searching for that miracle belly fat workout to give you that lean defined look. In reality, no secret workout sequence exists to give you perfect abs overnight. It takes dedication and a little sweat. However, if you make the commitment to do what it takes your tummy will be in show-off shape very soon.

Battle of the Bulge

Whether you've had issues with weight settling at your abdomen for a long time or this is something new you're experiencing, either way, experts conclude that belly fat is not healthy. Extra weight at the stomach has been linked to the development of diabetes and heart disease. Doctors urge patients to lose this weight to decrease chances of developing further health problems.

Belly Fat Workout

While watching daytime TV, you're apt to see various ads for a number of "miracle" workouts that promise to firm up your tummy and give you a great body. These workouts are marketed to be quick, easy and the solution to all of your problems. They aren't.

What is the perfect workout for belly fat reduction? There is no specific recipe for success, except for hard work and consistency.

Doctors and fitness experts encourage those with spare tires to do a combination of exercises in order to lose belly fat. Aerobic exercise is recommended because it helps burn calories and is good for your heart. This includes walking, jogging, running, using the stair climber or any other exercise that uses most of your body and increases your heart rate.

In addition to aerobic exercise, professionals in the fitness industry are seeing the best effects with clients who include an element of strength training in their workout regimen. It's common knowledge that muscle burns more calories than fat. So, when your body has more muscle, it burns calories more efficiently. By adding strength training or weightlifting to your workout, you build muscle and sculpt your body for when that belly fat comes off.

It's recommended to alternate your workouts between aerobic and weight training. For instance, if you workout four days a week, the first and the third day should be aerobic exercises. The second and fourth day should be weightlifting.

Don't Waste Your Time

Fitness experts agree that exercises targeting your mid-section won't help peel off that belly fat. They are good for you, but doing sit-ups without any other exercises isn't going to get you a flat tummy. This is because there is a layer of fat on top of your abdominal muscles. Even if you get your abs firmed up, there's still a layer of fat covering them. Other exercises must be performed in order to get rid of this fat.

Proper Diet is Important

Exercise alone won't fix your problem, either. Along with exercise, you must begin to watch your diet more closely and cut calories in order to lose weight. You need to use more calories than you consume.

Additionally, foods low-fat should be added to your diet and foods high in fat should be eliminated all together. The old saying, "You are what you eat," is very true. If you consistently eat fatty foods, you're more likely to have a higher body fat percentage.

Another thing to eliminate from your diet is alcohol. Experts have indicated that weight gained from drinking alcoholic beverages goes directly to your middle. If you are serious about losing the belly fat, lose the alcohol or limit it to only special occasions.

You Can Do It!

Nobody is going to tell you that trimming your tummy is going to be an easy task. It's hard. But, it's worth it. You'll be decreasing your chances of developing diabetes or heart disease and another nice perk is that you'll have a toned tummy to show off! The benefits are definitely worthwhile.


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Belly Fat Workout