Adipex Diet Pill Information

adipex pill

The Adipex Diet Pill, also known as phentermine, has had its share of the spotlight over the last few years. While no single factor has been proven to shed unwanted pounds, this drug can contribute to weight loss in obese individuals.

What is Adipex?

This chemically-derived diet pill is more commonly known as phentermine. It falls under the drug class of amphetamines. It is sold under a variety of names including Adipex-P, Fastin, Pro-Fast HS, Pro-Fast SA, Pro-Fast SR, Oby-Trim, Obenix, and Zantryl to name a few. It is used for the treatment of medically diagnosed obesity. Obesity is defined as 20% over ideal body weight (IBW). Elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are common health conditions associated with the diagnosis. However, a medical diagnosis is not necessary to obtain it. It is sold in tablets and 30 tablets of the generic variety will set you back about $87.00. However, one online company was offering the drug for a mere $26.85 for 30 capsules. The brand name versions are significantly more pricey: 30 tablets averaging about $158.00.

Claims and How It Works

The adipex claim to fame is, not surprisingly, weight loss. It works by suppressing the appetite in a sustained-release, long-acting pill. The pill must be swallowed in its entirety without chewing or crushing of any sort to avoid destructing these properties. An individual takes 1 or 2 pills per day, depending on the specific brand, on an empty stomach 1 hour before a meal with a full glass of water. It is best not to take adipex at night because it can interrupt sleep by causing insomnia. A diet and exercise plan is commonly advised to accompany the drug treatment.

Does It Work?

Yes, the phentermine drug does contribute to weight loss. Its physiological effect is within the central nervous system where it changes the brain levels of the hormone called serotonin.

Where Can You Get the Adipex Diet Pill?

Adipex can be found online and shipped overnight if the need arises. Many online "drugstores" offer some form of the drug. There are also several prescription forms of the drug..

Side Effects

Nearly every possible side effect is listed for Adipex treatment. These include:

  • sleeplessness/insomnia
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision
  • restlessness
  • headaches
  • decreased libido
  • dry mouth
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • tremors
  • difficulty breathing (from an allergic response)

Is It Safe?

Adipex can be used safely under the guidance of a medical professional. It is not advisable to take on your own accord as it is a highly addictive drug, both physically and psychologically. Withdrawal symptoms mimic those of other substances and can be quite serious. For this reason, a gradual lowering of dosage over a period of time should be prescribed and monitored by a physician.

Health Dangers and Complications

Amphetamines, whether Adipex or any other drug in this class, have serious health consequences for some individuals. Individuals with conditions such as heart disease, elevated blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, glaucoma, and history of drug or alcohol abuse should not take this medication. Also, severe medication interactions can occur. For this reason, the consultation with your medical doctor is imperative. Thyroid problems, epilepsy, seizure disorders, and anxiety can also pose detrimental outcomes. Also, pregnant women and breast-feeding women should consult with their physician before taking any medication. Driving and/or operating machinery while taking this drug can be very dangerous and should be avoided due to its effect on the central nervous system.

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Adipex Diet Pill Information