Best Detox Drinks

best detox drink

There are a number of detoxification products on the market. Which is the best one for you? The answer is "it depends."Are you trying to lose weight? Perhaps you've quit smoking or drinking (good for you, if you have). Or maybe you have decided to get serious about exercise again and you want to detoxify your body naturally before making a fresh start. Here are six of the best detox drinks available for your consideration.

Shakeology Boost Digestive Health

Boost Digestive Health, by Shakeology, is a fiber supplement designed for use with Shakeology's flavored health drinks. Ingredients include chia, flax, pea fiber, and psyllium husk. It's a true digestive detoxification product in the sense that it decreases your intestinal transit time and increases bulk. Toxins that you may eat spend as little time in your digestive tract as possible, as nature intended. Top Workout Reviews gave Shakeology product a "high recommend".

Boost Digestive Health has no taste itself, so the company recommends taking it with their chocolate Shakeology product. You can buy a 20-serving container direct from Shakeology for $44.95.

PrettyFit Greens

PrettyFit Greens
PrettyFit Greens

Among the offerings from PrettyFit, the "Greens" product is the most complete detoxifying product. Billed as a "superfood" detox drink, PrettyFit Greens powder is best mixed in water, but works just as well mixed into the smoothie of your choice. The health and bodybuilding website Stack3D gave PrettyFit Greens high marks for taste while also praising the composition of the detoxifying ingredients.

You can purchase a one month supply directly from PrettyFit for $59.99, but the company offers a 20% discount for a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

310 Cleanse Powder

For weight loss, the cleanse product from 310 Nutrition is your best bet. It contains several ingredients that have been linked to antioxidant activity, appetite suppression, and weight loss, including fennel seed, slippery elm bark, grapefruit pectin, marshmallow root, psyllium husk, and aloe vera. This product is best thought of as the first step of a weight loss and fitness program. The web-based detox guru Supplement Geek wrote a thoughtful review of 310 Cleanse, concluding that the product delivers what it promises. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will lose weight with this product.

A five-day detox package is currently only available direct from 310 Nutrition for $45.

Yogi Detox Teas

Yogi Berry DeTox Tea
Yogi Berry DeTox Tea

Yogi produces a wide variety of tea products, including this detox tea. The blend is based on the art of Ayurvedic medicine, and contains ginger, black pepper, and long pepper, as well as aromas more familiar to the Western tongue, such as sarsaparilla. The website wrote a long critical review of detox teas in general, but raised up Yogi teas as being among the top four brands that delivers what it promises.

You can buy Yogi tea directly from their website, or from, which features free shipping and a number of coupon deals. A box of 16 bags costs $5.

Jus by Julie

Brooklyn-based Jus by Julie used to be a neighborhood juice bar until it was made famous by Demi Lovato and Lo Bosworth. It is now available to the world thanks to the internet. Julie features a one-day cleanse package consisting of six juices including chia berry, sweet spin, and spicy lemonade.

Yelp gives Jus by Julie four out of five stars, but does note that the products are pricey. The one-day cleanse is available online only direct from the Brooklyn factory for $50, plus a $20 shipping fee.

Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens and Lemon

Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens and Lemon
Sweet Greens and Lemon

Evolution Fresh is the brainchild of Jimmy Rosenberg, who found a way to bring cold-pressed high pressure processed juices to the mass market. He's now teamed up with Starbucks, launching the product nationwide. The blend is a combination of green vegetables and apples with a touch of lemon.

A reviewer on Multicuriosty called this a "go-to juice" due to its naturally low sugar content, and Serious Eats noted it was "healthy and refreshing." The website provides a store finder if you don't know where to go. A 15.2 ounce bottle retails for around $5.99.

Get Started Today

There is no better time than the present to detox and get back on track with your diet and exercise. Don't wait for the end of summer, or the beginning of summer... don't wait at all! Putting off getting back in shape is a recipe for failing health. The longer you delay, the more trouble you'll have losing weight and getting your system back into balance. These detox drinks should help you kick start your way to better health today.

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