All Superfoods and Herbs Diet

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If you're considering an all superfoods and herbs diet, you have probably already heard about the unique health benefits that can result from eating from a list of foods termed "superfoods." However, it's important to do your research to find out just what is on that list and how you can incorporate these foods into a healthy diet.

This article offers a list of popular superfoods and offers suggestions on how to follow an all superfoods and herbs diet.

All Superfoods and Herbs Diet

There are two components to the all superfoods and herbs diet. First, the superfoods will make up the food portion of your new lifestyle. Second, there's the herbs that you can incorporate into your diet said to help boost your immune system, promote weight loss, or just allow you to enjoy general wellbeing.


Superfoods are generally defined as those that contain phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and more. It's important to note that while some research has suggested these foods will have a positive impact on your health, the term is not generally used by registered dieticians or doctors who still emphasize a balanced diet of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and whole grains.

Sample Superfoods List

Depending on what sources you research, superfoods lists will vary slightly. However, in general you can expect to find whole, natural foods, many of which you can purchase in your local grocery store or farmer's market.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the superfoods touted by natural food enthusiasts. If you plan to consume only superfoods, you may want to speak to a natural foodie or certified nutrition expert to get a complete list. It's important to remember that no matter what diet you choose to follow, it's necessary to keep balance in your life. By eliminating a food group and consequently limiting your access to certain vitamins and minerals indicative of that group, you can place your health in jeopardy. That's where vitamin and mineral supplements can come in handy, as well as herbs.


As eastern and western schools of health begin to integrate more and more, the use of herbs in everyday life is becoming more prominent. It's important to note that just because herbal supplements can be purchased online and over the counter, that doesn't mean they are necessarily safe. Always do your homework before consuming herbs regularly. Some can be harmful for pregnant women. Others can accumulate in the body and build toward toxicity. Be sure to read all labels on the bottle and if possible, consult an expert.

Here are a few herbs some suggest will help improve your health, brain function, mood, sex drive, and more.

  • Lemon Grass - This herb purportedly helps with mood disorders or mood swings.
  • Garlic - Considered practically a wonder herb, garlic is a tasty herb that can be added to many dishes and may slow down the effects of aging and help preserve your youthful skin.
  • Cumin - This herb has been touted as useful for preventing dementia in older populations.
  • Oregano - Another common spice used in cooking, oregano is excellent for fighting fungus.
  • Turmeric - This one is touted as a useful immunity booster.
  • Lavender - Lavender is often used in teas for its stress-relieving properties.

There are literally hundreds of herbs on the market that may or may not have a beneficial effect on your health. There are many certified and well-educated herbalists who can help you determine what herbs are right for your life. These herbs can be brewed as a tea, used in cooking, or taken in pill form. It's always wise to consult a doctor when beginning a new diet or lifestyle, especially if it involves the regular use of herbs.

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All Superfoods and Herbs Diet