Diet Foods and Ingredients

Article Highlight: Canola Oil Vs Olive Oil

In many grocery stores, cooking oils take up a large part of the baking aisle. Almost all oils are represented, but canola and olive oil options dominate. You may have heard both are good for you and versatile… Keep reading »

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Diet-friendly foods and ingredients don't have to taste like cardboard or sawdust. In fact, nutritious and healthy foods can be flavorful and delicious, and the experts at LoveToKnow Diet are here to serve as your guide to the tastiest diet-specific foods and ingredients available.

Waistline Conscious Food and Drink

Whether you want foods and beverages that can help you burn fat, a little nosh to kill cravings, a bite to speed your metabolism or tasty foods that are all about weight loss, you can use these helpful suggestions and delicious recommendations. LoveToKnow can even help you sort fact from fiction about much-hyped things like negative calorie foods or the fat-burning properties of mustard, so you know whether a food or ingredient is going to help your diet or waste your money and increase your waistline.

Healthy Helpings

Use these articles as your guide to foods that won't make you fat, like healthy summer snacks or low-calorie foods. With a multibillion dollar industry peddling foods that make big promises but often don't deliver results, our diet experts can help you determine the healthiest choices, whether it's a manufactured product like Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert or homemade low-calorie, whole foods.

Your Guide to a Thinner You

Let LoveToKnow Diet guide you to foods and ingredients that will help you kick-start your weight loss and lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're wondering about watermelon or are on the fence about oils, the information found here can help you sort out what will work best for your diet.

Diet Foods and Ingredients