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Nutritious and healthy foods can be flavorful and delicious. Unfortunately, too often "diet foods" put a huge emphasis on low calories instead of nutrient density. Learn how to choose foods that will provide you with the nutrients you need without excessive calories.

The Importance of Nutrients

When you reduce your calories in an attempt to lose some weight, it becomes even more important to select foods that give you the most nutritional bang for your buck. The body needs certain micro and macronutrients in order to function best, even when reducing calories. A low-calorie diet has the potential to slow your metabolism, which can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Look for foods that provide the carbs, protein, and fat your body needs while also aiming for a reduction in the calories you ingest.

The Low Fat Fad

For some time, low-fat foods were all the rage in the diet world. Unfortunately, food manufacturers turned to sugar to fill the flavor gap, causing a different problem altogether. Low-fat foods aren't always the best option, even when you're trying to shed some pounds. Instead, aim for healthy fats in moderation and keep an eye on your caloric intake.

Waistline Conscious Food and Drink

Losing weight takes time and also takes some lifestyle changes. The foods you eat are a bigger influence on the scale than your time in the gym is. Following a specific diet can be beneficial to those who want a specific structure, but for best results the new way of eating should be more of a lifestyle change than a temporary fix.

Tricks and Myths

Diet tricks are numerous, but some of them aren't necessarily beneficial or accurate. The myths of negative calorie foods or foods that magically melt fat can confuse dieters and send people down the wrong path. Filling up on post-workout drinks will increase your sugar intake instead of helping you lose weight. Any diet trick touted as a quick fix will probably just shrink your wallet instead of your waistline. Instead, look toward research-based diet tricks, like adding green tea to prompt fat loss or nutrient-dense avocados to your diet for best results.

Healthy Helpings

With a multibillion dollar industry peddling foods that make big promises but often don't deliver results, diet experts can help you determine the healthiest choices, whether it's a manufactured product like Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert or homemade low-calorie, whole foods. Portion control can help transform your body's composition and help you lose weight. Trying to suppress your appetite with diet sodas instead of food might work against you as your appetite grows.

Your Guide to a Thinner You

The right foods and ingredients that will help you kick-start your weight loss and lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Stay away from quick fixes and promises of instant weight loss and focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs while avoiding empty calories and processed foods.

Diet Foods and Ingredients