The GenoType Diet

Genetics-based diet
Genetics-based diet

Dr. Peter D'Adamo, the man behind the GenoType diet, was also the man who instituted The Blood Type diet a decade ago. While the two diets do have some commonalities the premise on which they are based differs.

What is a Blood Type Diet?

In his book, Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type, Peter D'Adamo introduced his theory that a person's blood type was the most important factor in determining a healthy diet for that particular individual. According to this premise, the factors that determine what is healthy for a type A blood type would not be the same as those for a type O blood type. D'Adamo's research and facts did an impressive job of backing up his theories, and many people found better health and not only lost weight, but were able to maintain their new weight.

How the Geno Type Diet Differs

Diet based on genes

In his latest book, GenoType Diet, Dr. D'Adamo, claims that a person can change their genetic makeup. At first, this sounds like something pulled from a science fiction novel, but D'Adamo again backs up his theories with scientific research, and promising data on epigenetics.

What exactly does this mean? Epigenetics in layman's terms is explained as "post-genomic changes to the structure of DNA that does not involve changes to the pattern of sequencing itself." In relation to your health, these epigenetics are influenced by nutrition and the environment. While your personal genome is permanent, the path to health through your epigenetics gives you a measure of control through the GenoType Diet.

Similarities with the Blood Type Diet

While there are some differences between these two diets, there are some foundational similarities. In his first book, blood type O was considered the earliest blood type which he refers to as The Hunter. In his new book, GenoType 1 is the Hunter, and given characteristics like:

  • tall
  • thin
  • intense
  • overabundance of adrenaline

This is only a portion of the characteristics, but you get the idea. Both books place people into different groups based on physical characteristics. Whether you're going by blood type, or by geno type, the hunter is one and the same type of individual. The other GenoTypes include:

  • The Gatherer - GenoType 2
  • The Teacher - GenoType 3
  • The Explorer - GenoType 4
  • The Warrior - GenoType 5
  • The Nomad - GenoType 6

In his Blood Type diet, the classifications were:

  • The Hunter (type O)
  • The Cultivator (type A)
  • The Nomad (Type B)
  • The Enigma (Type AB)

For more detailed information you'll have to buy a copy of D' Adamo's book to determine your geno type.

How the Diet Works

The bottom line is that the GenoType diet is designed to gauge the way your body reacts to dieting. The program is customizable and each individual follows a plan designed for them based on geno type. The result is that the foods you eat counteract the body's natural tendencies and in the process help you shed those stubborn pounds.

The book outlines exactly what to do, and by taking a few measurements, you'll be able to figure out how your particular genetic code fits in with the six lifestyle groups. It really isn't all that complicated. Items to help determine your genetic code and what group you belong in include things like:

  • thumbprint
  • blood type
  • torso length vs. leg length

This means that a person with longer legs than torso will not be eating the same foods on the GenoType diet as their friend who is built with a longer torso and shorter legs. The GenoType diet is tailored to fit each individual's body. In reality, it's a fun way to figure out what to eat, because it takes your focus off food and places it on your individual characteristics. Along with this, another benefit of following this diet is that support is just a phone call away as the program offers 24-hour support.

Exercise Is Part of the Plan

Exercise is part of your customized plan when you sign up for the GenoType diet plan. Online evaluations help to determine your personal GenoType, in order to put together your customized diet and exercise plan which will be based on your GenoType. This approach maximizes your results.

While the premise may seem a bit far-fetched to some, many who have tried the diet swear to its effectiveness. All in all, it teaches you to pay attention to your body, to limit how much you're eating and to include exercise as part of the plan. The diet itself is not so far fetched after all.

The GenoType Diet