Free Glycemic Index Chart

A glycemic index is important to diabetics

This free glycemic index chart is an excellent tool for those with diabetes, heart disease or for those who are overweight. Individuals who want to take proactive steps to prevent these conditions can also greatly benefit from this chart.

Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar Levels

Certain carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels more quickly than others and this is not desirable. These fast fluctuations cause mal health and weight gain over time if they're present in the body excessively. Furthermore, they can be a real problem for diabetics who frequently experience hypoglycemic episodes. Using this chart can help you plan meals with foods that do not quickly raise blood sugar levels.

Handy Glycemic Index Chart

This free chart lists foods and their assigned glycemic index (GI) ranking. A food is assigned a GI ranking based on how quickly it raises blood glucose levels, often called its glycemic response. The more a food stimulates a glycemic response the higher ranking it's given and the worse it is for diabetics. If you're not diabetic, you'll want to choose foods with a low GI ranking as much as possible but still consume healthy foods that may have a higher GI ranking for a balanced diet.

Additionally, keep in mind that to be considered a low glycemic index food a GI should be less than 55. Foods with GI index between 55 and 70 are considered intermediate foods and high glycemic index foods have a GI of more than 70.

Bakery Foods
Food Ranking Glycemic Index
Pound Cake Low 54
Danish Pastry Medium 59
Unsweetened Muffin Medium 62
Tart Cake Medium 65
Angel Cake Medium 67
Croissant Medium 67
Waffles High 76
Donughts High 76
Food Ranking Glycemic Index
Soy Milk Low 30
Apple Juice Low 41
Carrot Juice Low 45
Pineapple Juice Low 46
Grapefruit Juice Low 48
Orange Juice Low 52
Food Ranking Glycemic Index
Multi grain Low 48
Whole grain Low 50
White Pita Medium 57
Hamburger bun Medium 60
Rye Flour Medium 61
Whole Meal Medium 64
White High 71
White Rolls High 73
Baguette High 95
Breakfast Cereals
Food Ranking Glycemic Index
All Bran Low 42
Oat Bran Medium 55
Mini Wheats Medium 57
Shredded Wheat Medium 69
Golden Grahams High 71
Rice Krispies High 82
Corn Flakes High 83
Dairy Foods
Food Ranking Glycemic Index
Yogurt, Low-Fat Low 14
Chocolate Milk Low 24
Whole Milk Low 27
Fat Free Milk Low 32
Skim Milk Low 32
Semi-Skim Milk Low 34
Ice Cream Medium 61
Food Ranking Glycemic Index
Fettucini Low 32
Whole Wheat Spaghetti Low 37
Meat Filled Ravioli Low 39
White Spaghetti Low 41
Macaroni Low 45
Durum Wheat Spaghetti Medium 55
Macaroni and Cheese Medium 64
Brown Rice Pasta High 92

Most vegetables and fruits have very low glycemic indexes. However, a handful do contain high numbers, such as:

  • Watermelon
  • Potatoes
  • Parsnips
  • Broad beans

Keep This Chart Handy

The World Health Organization encourages people to choose low glycemic index foods when eating carbohydrates. Make sure to keep this free glycemic index chart handy when grocery shopping and meal planning, as this practice is an easy and inexpensive way to control and prevent diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

Free Glycemic Index Chart