Fast Food Calorie Tables

Deb Ng
fast food calories

If you and your busy family eat on the go, you might reconsider after learning about fast food calories. While no one doubts the convenience of our favorite fast food joints, most of the food in these places is less than healthy. When you consider how many adults and children are now battling weight problems, it might be a good idea to pay attention to where and what you are eating.

What follows is a listing of some popular fast food restaurants with the calorie and fat gram counts of some favorite menu items.

Burger King

Fast Food Calories: Burger King
Food Calorie Count Fat Gram Count
Croissanwich with Sausage & Cheese 450 35
Croissanwich with Sausage Egg & Cheese 530 41
Chicken Tenders (4) 180 11
Bacon Cheeseburger 400 22
Hamburger 640 42
Double Whopper with Cheese 850 50
Whopper Junior 400 24
French Fries - Large 590 30


Fast Food Calories:Dominos Pizza
Food Calorie Count Fat Gram Count
Breadsticks - 1 116 4.1
Cheesy Bread - 1 142 6.2
Cheese Pizza - 2 Slices 273 11.8
Pepperoni - 2 slices 448 17.6

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Fast Food Calories: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Food Calorie Count Fat Gram Count
Biscuit - 1 190 10
Crispy Strips - 3 400 24
Extra Crispy - 1 breast 460 28
Macaroni & Cheese - 1 serving 130 6
Mashed potatoes - 1 serving with gravy 120 5
Original Recipe - Breast 380 19


Fast Food Calories: McDonald's
Food Calorie Count Fat Gram Count
290 17
Chocolate Shake 360 9
Big Mac 570 32
Quarter Pounder 430 21
French Fries - Small 210 10
Filet o' Fish 470 26
Cheeseburger 320 30


As you can see, many of these foods are laden with calories and fat. If you're watching your weight, it's best to stay away from fast food calories. If that's not possible, consider alternatives to burgers and fries. Go for foods that are grilled and not fried. Better yet, investigate some of the salads these restaurants have to offer. Wendy's offers a baked potato; order yours plain.

Before going to eat at your favorite fast food restaurant, investigate the fat and calorie count of some of your favorite foods. The high amounts just might turn you off enough to keep away.

Fast Food Calorie Tables