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Article Highlight: Expert Advice on Energy Giving Foods

What you eat can affect how you feel, especially when it comes to your overall energy level. Before you pour yourself another cup of coffee to get through that afternoon slump, take a few moments to educate yourself… Keep reading »

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Diet interviews provide you with tips, advice, and information direct from the experts. These diet and fitness gurus offer you the latest cutting-edge information to help you burn calories and shed excess pounds.

Diet Interviews

Did you know that eating a balance of alkaline foods can help you shed weight? What about the Nutrisystem diet - is it healthy? From physicians to weight loss coaches, our interviews tackle many topics you've asked about.

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It's not just our interviews that are packed with expert insight. Each article on LoveToKnow Diet provides insight, inspiration and advice to help you achieve your weight loss goals. There's information on detoxification diets, weight loss challenges, and even diets to address specific health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. For vegetarians, you can find vegetarian diet information here or on our Vegetarian channel.

Diet Expert Interviews