Rice Diet Menu

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The Rice Diet menu is a vigorous eating plan for those looking to lose weight, improve their health, and transform their life. It has been touted as the solution for "quick and lasting weight loss." It is also credited for helping over 18,000 people since 1939 with various health issues.

About The Rice Diet

The Rice Diet was developed some 70 years ago by German-born Walter Kempner to address hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular illnesses, and a whole host of other health problems. The program began as a brick-and-mortar facility in which individuals would check in and attend in-house sessions dedicated to rigorous weight loss and diet-focused programming.

Rice Diet Menu

The Rice Diet menu is very aggressive and strict approach to weight loss and improving health. The diet strictly limits certain foods including salt, processed foods, and fat. Additionally, the diet heavily restricts protein and calories to the point that many medical professionals have voiced concerns about the near-starvation caloric levels of the diet, especially during the first phase. Some have also noted there are significant chances dieters will lose muscle mass with such low levels of protein in their diet.

Approved Foods

Clearly, rice is one of the main staples of the diet, but there are also several other foods that dieters will be allowed to eat as part of their diet menu.

  • Whole grain starches, especially brown rice and quinoa
  • Beans, low-sodium varieties only
  • Fruits and vegetables in moderation
  • Lean protein sources in very limited quantities
  • Nonfat dairy

Phase One

The Rice Diet menu changes from phase to phase. The first phase is a sort of pseudo detox to help individuals transition into the heart of the diet and boasts a calorie level as low as 800 calories and typically lasts for one to two weeks.

  • The first day of Phase One is what is called the Basic Rice Diet, which includes two approved starches and two fruits for all three meals.
  • Dieters will follow the Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet for the remaining days in Phase One. This involves a breakfast of one serving each of starch, fruit, and nonfat dairy. Lunches and dinners during this phase include three servings each of starches and vegetables, and one serving of fruit for each meal. This diet totals around 1000 calories daily.

Phase Two

The second phase is the main weight loss portion of the diet. How long this phase lasts depends on how much weight an individual needs to lose.

  • Day one of this phase is the Basic Rice Diet. This is followed by five days of the Lacto Vegetarian Diet.
  • For the final day in that week, dieters will follow the 1200-calorie Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet. The diet includes a separate menu for each meal. Breakfast includes two servings of starch and one fruit. Lunch is three servings each of starches and vegetables and one fruit. Dinner includes three servings each of starches and vegetables, one fruit, and either three servings of lean protein or two servings of nonfat dairy.

The Final Phase

Phase Three adds approximately 200 calories weekly until dieters stop losing weight. Those in Phase Three will eat the following diet weekly.

  • Day One: Basic Rice Diet
  • Next Four Days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet
  • Final Two Days: Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet

Additional Information

While there is no question that this particular rice diet is quite effective for weight loss, there is much concern about the lack of calories, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Makers of the diet have updated the diet over the years to include a multi-vitamin and calcium supplements. It's cautioned that those who consider an ultra-low calorie diet such as this should be under the care of a medical professional.

Rice Diet Menu